We offer global transportation solutions of the goods from our production plants and warehouses till the final destinations. Basic shipping terms and liabilities are according to the Contract of purchase and Incoterms 2010.

Normally we deliver our products on CFR/CIF basis. For transportation we use best 4PL providers and container lines to secure the optimal balance between transportation quality and the price of transportation.




Intermodal Transportation / Combined

We arrange inland and maritime transportation of goods as well as related services which include: trucking, rail transportation, containerized shipments, cargo handling, customs, multimodal transportations, storage and door-to-door deliveries, etc.

For effective trucking we operate own equipment:

  • semi-trailers Container 20 ', 40' and 45 ';
  • semi-trailers for the transport of logs;
  • semi-trailer to transport cargo pallets and beyond.

For warehouse operations we have one crane for handling containers, 40ft and 20ft, with SPREDDER, loading / unloading forklifts, open-area storage facilities.

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Tel: +40 751 366 371